Delight Stage

Delight Stage: The success Behind an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Delight Stage: The success Behind an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Getting your visitors to buy your products or services is an outstanding achievement, but an Inbound Marketing strategy’s real success is increasing customer loyalty. What is it? Learn everything about The Delight Stage.

If you thought that the most complex part of an Inbound Marketing strategy was making a sale, we must inform you that the truly challenging work begins right after. Welcome to the fourth stage, The Delight

Yes, we know. The idea of enchanting t as many people as we can with our products and services is very tempting. But did you know that a study by Everilion, a company specializing in Saas applications, determined that it costs up to six times more to get a new customer than to keep an old one?

Wouldn’t it be smarter to focus resources on strengthening your relationship with those leads that are already part of your client portfolio rather than starting over and over again? Denitely. And in this new blog post, we will explain how to do it and what tools to use.

Let’s start!

Delight Stage: The success Behind an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Before starting talking about the Delight Stage, we must clarify that this step of Inbound Marketing does not seek to generate new immediate purchases from the same buyer.

There is much more behind that will provide your company with benets that you may not have considered, such as:

Increase visits to your website or online store. It is almost a rule that a satised client will recommend your products or services with their contacts. If you have a good relationship with them, you will gain new leads with minimal effort.

Better customer service and user service. What is the most important thing for a company? Yes, clients. If a customer feels valued and “considered” by a brand, their engagement level will increase and, therefore, their motivations to keep buying.

Increase your ROI (return on investment). The more recurring clients you have, the higher your prots will be with less money invested. Bravo!

It gives your brand greater visibility and authority. Do you remember when we talked about how Google spiders choose the websites with the highest relevance and authority to be shown within the rst results in a user’s search on the Internet? Well, good reviews, recommendations, and ratings will help you earn a few extra stars.

Facilitate the maintenance of your platforms. Thanks to your buyers’ feedback, you will be able to identify if there are errors on your website or mobile application, such as broken links, Slow page loading speed, incorrect contact information, among others.

It weakens the competition. A customer who has started regularly buying your products or services will not approach your competitors, strengthening your brand.

Remember, clients are the real boss of any business. So please do your best to improve their perception of your brand. Happy buyers, happy companies.

What strategies can I implement to implement a Delight strategy?

These are a few of the most effective:

1. Rewards program.

It is probably the most popular strategy because, although it is not precisely an innovative concept, it works very well.

It consists of rewarding your customers’ loyalty with a points or rewards program that allows them to purchase more of your products or services at a better price..

For example, you can offer your customers points in exchange for writing a short review of the product they purchased or recommending the site on their social media.

Your customers can then redeem his points for rewards like discounts or coupons for free shipping.

You could also give away gift cards to use on your website for each friend or family member who makes their rst purchase. In this way, you will create a contacts network that will launch an awareness and conversion campaign without your help.

Businesses with more capital tend to incorporate more elaborate rewards programs by sending personalized gifts on specic dates such as Christmas holidays, birthdays, or the company’s anniversary.

If you want to try it, but you don’t want to spend too much, start by rewarding only your oldest customers or those who make regular purchases monthly.

2. Remarketing

Let’s say you have a website that sells clothing, footwear, and accessories for home training. (A big business in the middle of a pandemic, right?) Don’t you think that a client who bought some leggings also needs sneakers, a yoga mat, and a sports watch? That’s what remarketing is about, offering other products from your catalog based on your consumers’ rst choices

A good tactic is to send your clients some emails with blogs or posts crelated to the items you promote to strengthen a remarketing

For example, “The ideal footwear to each physical activity,” “How can a sports watch help you lose weight?” or “Yoga: 10 benets of practicing it during the pandemic.”

Something fundamental is that in these email chains, you should ALWAYS include a link to shop the products you are talking about on your blogs.

Perhaps your customers will not make a purchase the rst time, but they will surely keep you in mind and, if they also see any post on your social networks about yoga positions, they will feel encouraged to return to your website..

3. . Develop a more personalized email marketing strategy.

It starts when your customer completes their purchase and gets a conrmation email with their transaction details, a tracking guide, and, why not? A thanks note for choosing you as their favorite brand.

Once the client gets their product at home or receives the purchased service, a good strategy is to send an email with a short survey about his shopping experience regarding the customer service received, delivery times, and product quality

All of this information will help you to improve every aspect of your online sales strategy

After that, it only remains to continue communication with your customers in a constant but non-invasive way. Notify them about new launches, offers, special events, collaborations, or promotions. Believe it or not, they will receive your new emails with great pleasure

4. Build a strong social media community

Your FanPages are the perfect place for unknown people but with the same interest in your products to interact and expand your company. How? One way is by creating valuable content related to your brand but whose direct purpose is not a sale.

For example, suppose your business sells skincare merchandise. In that case, you can design an infographic post with tips to preventv acne or a video talking about the benets of some of the main ingredients of your products.

Do you sell nutritional supplements for athletes? You can not miss a motivational phrase for a Monday morning.

If your content is attractive to your followers, they can easily share it on their social networks, which will give you greater visibility and the chance of creating new leads

5. Create a VIP Club

Nothing works so much to retain your customers than to make them feel unique and special. And one way to do it is through VIP clubs to which only loyal fans of your brand belong, those who shop regularly, and those who deserve rstrate attention

It doesn’t have to be anything tangible, just a distinguished client membership, an ID to access exclusive content or a “credential” where they can receive points.

The important thing is that those who belong to it feel like a celebrity without whom the brand would not be the same— Protagonism, distinction, and exclusivity.

6. Involve your clients in your Inbound Marketing strategies

We assure you that there are a few people with inuencer dreams within your client portfolio who will be more than willing to be part of your Inbound Marketing strategy.

Have you considered inviting them to perform on your brand’s FanPage, your email marketing campaigns, or even your website? You must try it

This strategy has two advantages: rst, it will give your brand more personal character with real people talking about you. Second, these new “ambassadors” will become what we call “silent salespeople” who will spread the message and advertise your products or services for (apparently) nothing in return.

If you want to succeed using this resource, focus on keeping your ambassadors updated on your brand’s new features. You could even give them samples of new products to review and talk about them with their contacts.

7. Develop a (good) Marketing Contingency Plan

You must be very aware that the chance that something will go wrong exists, and sometimes your client will not feel satised with the product they received or the service you provided..

Before losing a customer forever, it’s essential to have a contingency plan to best address the situation and x the buyer’s experience.

If the product has not arrived or is inadequate, the best route is to make a full refund plus compensation like a discount coupon, points to use in the store, or send the product again, including a surprise item.

Remember, if the customer feels that their opinion matters, they are less likely to leave a bad review on the website or expose his
bad experience on social media.

These crisis management plans are excellent for saving a customer that took you too long to reach. They will also show you what processes you can improve, such as the delivery service you chose or the packaging to ship your products. In the end, you may even receive a fair review for exceptional customer service.

What you should not forget when implementing an Inbound Marketing Delight Strategy:

Personalization. Although it may look that customers are only numbers of a database, they all have a specic name, personality, feelings, and behaviors. Keep that personal character with your clients during this stage to make them feel comfortable, safe, and essential to your brand.

Your customer’s opinion. Establishing a Delight Strategy without paying attention to what your buyers say is like throwing away all the progress you have made so far

Listen to what your recurring customers have to say about your website, your product offer, the customer service you provided, or the content you share on social media. You will nd that you can be a little better day by day

The small details. There are no small or insignicant problems, and even those comments from your customers that may not be justied can be learning to grow as a company

Pay attention to everything said about your brand and trust in your sales and marketing teams to ensure that all customers, without exception, have a unique shopping experience.

Trends and innovations. We mean both for your product catalog or services and for the digital resources you use inyour company

Regarding your innovation as a brand, keep a close eye on your competition and stay informed about your business’slatest trends.

About technology, remember that a new format, website feature, or mobile app design is born every day, so you must ensure that your developer’s team follows them as closely as possible. Your customers will also notice and appreciate it.

The quality. As your business grows and your income increases, you can invest part of your capital in further improving your business’s quality, from the material to make your products to the packaging you choose to ship to and the sophistication of your website.

It will establish you as a trustworthy company that uses its resources to offer better customer service to its buyers instead of only increasing its prots

We come to the end of this fourth blog about Inbound Marketing!

We have already talked about all the topics directly related to customer acquisition, conversion, and retention. Still, there is one more chapter that is rarely discussed but is indispensable for all your efforts to take on a more tangible and real dimension: ANALYSIS.

How much did I sell? Did I reach my goals? Did I get my investment back?

If you want to learn how to read the numbers obtained from your Inbound Marketing strategy, please read us soon

Till then!

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Panamá, Calle 50, edificio global bank, piso 31 b.

Tel. (+507) 275-6323


Colombia, Bogotá CALLE 125 19 89 OFICINA 502

Tel. (+57) 321 3644460